Monday, January 28, 2008


Saturday my son and our 1yr old German Shepherd Dog went for a hike on some local trails.
It has been snowing really good the past week or so and I have tried to get out on some hikes with the dog. My son joined me this time. It was a great time, the dog really loves getting out and going on the trail with the nose to the ground. My son and I got to spend some time together and that is never often enough.
The trail started out deep but the further we got into it the better it got. We saw a few cross country skiers and snow shoer's as well.

Stay warm...




thekooiet said...

Let's get Zoomy into tracking. He's be really good at it.

Fly Fish Chick said...

thx for the comment on FFC. enjoyed the post about getting outdoors with your son. have you read the recent post on way upstream titled "teach your children well"? timely!


JVK said...

Thanks for the comment FFC.
I did read that post by el pescador this morning. I am taking my two oldest to a fly fishing expo this thursday night put on by my local TU.
it should be fun and I can't to get them out on the river with me.