Friday, January 11, 2008


Week Two of fly tying class. This past Thursday I had my second class, Bob is the Thursday night instructor and was a lot of fun and very helpful.
We tied two patterns, the Pheasant Tail Nymph and the Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Nymph.
Compared to the last class where we tied streamers on size 6 hooks 3XL, these nymphs were a little trickier. We tied these on a size 10 1XL. The Pheasant Tail wasn't bad at all the only thing that didn't go good for me the first time around was the copper wire on the body. I was suppose to wrap it into about 3 to 4 segments and I wrapped maybe twice that. This was a pretty cool pattern and from what I understand it is very versatile in its imitation, Mayfly nymph, stonefly nymph, Hex nymph. My favorite part of this one is the legs that you make with the left over pheasant feather.

The second fly we tied was the Hare's Ear. We used the hair off a real Hare's mask with a Turkey feather as the thorax casing. We learned how to dub with the Hare's fur. Maybe I didn't get a good piece of hair but this fly was a little trickier than the Pheasant Tail because of the Hare fur. I found it hard to work with. This fly didn't turn out well at all, I was not impressed with my results. I will have to tie a bunch of these to get some practice at it.

After class everyone wanted to pick up the materials to make these flies so we all gathered up what we needed and Bob cashed us out.
I had been really debating whether I wanted to buy a vise or not and if I did, what vise was I to buy. 95% of the people I talked to told me to buy the Renzetti Traveler. The cost of the Renzetti is pretty hefty but I wouldn't have to buy a new vise for a long time.
Bob made mention that the new Traveler model was coming out and that he had one left from last years model and that he would sell it at 20% off. I had been looking on Ebay, and every where else on the internet and no where could I find a Renzetti Travler for less than retail pricing so I decided, what the heck, lets do it. So I am the proud owner of a new Renzetti Traveler Fly Tying Vise. This was a late Christmas present to myself. :)

I am really enjoying the fly tying and am looking forward to crafting and honing those creative skills and maybe catch some fish on them. I am pretty Dutch, so losing flies is no fun for me, but maybe if I tie them it won't be so back.
The Grand and the Rogue are up right now so the Steelhead will easily be able to move up and into the Rogue. I look forward to getting on the Rogue sometime in the next seven days for sure to try these nymphs out.


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Day Tripper said...

Those look like they'll fish well! Nice job!